Beer of the Night - February 21, 2005

When I was younger, I used to post blog entries about me trying out new beers (I was naive back then) on the near-defunct Mac website I have imported the stories here to read, and for me to laugh at myself many years later. Enjoy.

Right before I get back to "studying" for midterms tomorrow. I'm putting my "review" (not much of a review) of beer of the evening.. heck procrastinating is fun ;)

My beer selection of the evening is Kokanee beer. This beer is brewed in Creston, British Columbia, it's a very popular alcoholic beverage among people among all ages, including underage drinkers. This beer has a nice smooth yet crisp and clean taste, it's very similar to Labatt Blue, but this compared to Labatt Blue makes Blue seem like Labatt had bad time trying to rip off Kokanee.. although Kokanee IS in fact a Labatt beer (through Columbia Breweries), and Blue is probably much older of a beer than Kokanee.

When I see a Kokanee bottle or can, I'm greeted with the excellent mountain artwork... Kokanee has some of the best artwork for beer in Canada.. outbeats the artwork on Molson Canadian and all the other stuff. This beer is available here in Manitoba for $14.74 for 12 bottles, prices vary for everywhere else in Canada and the United States, if you haven't tried this beer out before, tried it out, it's the crème de la crème of Canadian beers, if you're from the US and lucky enough to have a beer store that has it in stock.. now that's lucky!

The website for Kokanee beer is

Cheers and remember not to drink and drive.. and don't drink excessively!

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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