Beer of the Night - August 7, 2006

I haven't done a beer of the night entry in a while, but it's about time I did.

My selection for "Beer of the Night" today is Nova Scotia based Alexander Keith's Red Amber Ale.

If you are a fan of the regular Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale, then you will be a fan of this beer, this beer is very reminiscent of IPA, yet I find the taste slightly smoother and easier to drink than IPA.

If you find IPA a bit strong to drink, although it isn't a strong beer, Red Amber Ale may be the beer for you.

From what I know, this beer may only be available in Eastern Canada, but I may be wrong, but as usual, if you do find a case, pick one up, especially if you're an IPA fan, you won't be upset.

When I purchased it, it was approximately $17 for a case of 12 (in Quebec, varies where you live).

Price: 3/5, a bit pricey compared to most domestics, but worth the price
Taste: 4/5, very similar to Keith's India Pale Ale but lighter on taste, good/bad depending who you talk to
Body: 3/5, pretty decent colour/foam wise
Flavour: 4/5, as said above, very similar to Keith's IPA

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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