Canadian Breweries / Brasseries Canadiennes

Back in fall 2010, my Twitter friend Casting Out Loud suggested that I should do a list of all (or most) of the breweries that Canada has to offer. So, that's exactly what I'm going to try to do. It won't be easy, but it should be fun! I know I'll miss a few here and there, so let me know which breweries I've missed. You will notice that I've left out most brewpubs, I might do a brewpub focused list eventually but right now I'm focusing on mostly breweries that bottle/can.


Also, feel free to follow on Facebook or Twitter as a way you can tell me know what breweries I need to add to this never-ending list.

Alley Kat Brewing - Edmonton (Facebook) (Twitter) (Flickr)
Ambers Brewing - Edmonton (Facebook)
Annex Ale Project - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Banff Ave Brewing - Banff (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Bench Creek Brewing - Edson (Facebook) (Twitter)
Bent Stick Brewing - Edmonton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Big Rock Brewery - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Blindman Brewing - Lacombe - (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brewsters Brewing Co (Alberta) - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Canmore Brewing Co - Canmore (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Citizen Brewing - Calgary (Facebook)
Cold Garden Beverage Co - Calgary
Common Crown Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Coulee Brewing - Lethbridge (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Dandy Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Folding Mountain Brewing - Jasper East (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Grain Bin Brewing Company - Grand Prairie (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Grizzly Paw Brewery - Canmore (Facebook) (Twitter)
GP Brewing Co - Grande Prairie (Facebook) (Twitter)
Hell's Basement Brewing - Medicine Hat (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Jasper Brewing - Jasper (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Last Best Brewing & Distillery - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Minhas Micro Brewery - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Olds College Brewery - Olds
Oldman River Brewing - Lundbreck (Facebook) (Twitter)
Outcast Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Ribstone Creek Brewing - Edgerton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Something Brewing - Red Deer (Facebook) (Twitter)
Theoretically Brewing - Lethbridge (Facebook) (Twitter)
Tool Shed Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Town Square Brewing - Edmonton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Trolley 5 Restaraurant & Brewery - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Troubled Monk Brewery - Red Deer (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Village Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Wild Rose Brewery - Calgary (Facebook) (Twitter)
Wood Buffalo Brewing - Fort McMurray (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Yellowhead Brewery - Edmonton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Zero Issue Brewing - Calgary (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)

British Columbia
4 Mile Brewing - Victoria (Facebook) (Instagram)
33 Acres Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Andina Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Axe & Barrel Brewing - Victoria (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Backcountry Brewing - Squamish (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Barkerville Brewing - Quesnel (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)
Bomber Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Boombox Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brassneck Brewery - Vancouver (Instagram) (Twitter)
Bridge Brewing - North Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Cannery Brewing - Penticton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Category 12 Brewing - Saanitchton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Crannóg Ales - Sorrento (Facebook)
Central City Brewing - Surrey (Facebook) (Twitter)
Columbia Brewery - Creston (Facebook)
Dageraad Brewing - Burnaby (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Dead Frog Brewery - Aldergrove (Facebook) (Twitter)
Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers - North Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Driftwood Brewery - Victoria (Facebook) (Twitter)
Fernie Brewing - Fernie (Facebook) (Twitter)
Foamers' Folly Brewing - Pitt Meadows (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Four Winds Brewing - Delta (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks - Richmond (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Gladstone Brewing - Courtenay (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Granville Island Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Howe Sound Inn & Brewery - Squamish (Facebook) (Twitter)
Lighthouse Brewing - Victoria (Facebook) (Twitter)
Luppolo Brewing Company - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Main Street Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Mariner Brewing - Coquitlam (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Mission Springs Brewing - Mission (Facebook) (Twitter)
Moon Under Water Brewing - Victoria (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Mt. Begbie Brewery - Revelstoke (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Off the Rail Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Okanagan Spring Brewery - Vernon (Facebook) (Twitter)
Pacific Western Brewing (also Cariboo Brewing) - Burnaby and Prince George (Facebook) (Twitter)
Parallel 49 - East Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)
Phillips Beer - Victoria (Facebook) (Twitter)
Postmark Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Powell Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
R&B Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Red Truck Beer - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Riot Brewing - Chemainus (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Russell Brewing - Surrey (Facebook) (Twitter)
Stanley Park Brewery - Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Steamworks Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Twitter)
Strathcona Beer Company - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Superflux Beer Company - Vancouver (Instagram)
Strange Fellows Brewing - Vancouver (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Tin Whistle Brewery - Penticton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Tofino Brewing - Tofino (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Townsite Brewing - Powell River (Facebook) (Twitter)
Trading Post Brewing - Langley (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Tree Brewing - Kelowna (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Twin Sails Brewing - Port Moody (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Vancouver Island Brewery - Victoria (Facebook) (Twitter)
Whistler Brewing - Whistler (Facebook) (Twitter)
Yaletown Brewing - Vancouver
Yellow Dog Brewing - Port Moody (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)

Barn Hammer Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Farmery Estate Brewery - Neepawa (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Fort Garry Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
Half Pints Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
Kilter Brewing - Winnipeg COMING SOON (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Little Brown Jug Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
One Great City Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)
OXUS Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
PEG Beer Company - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
Stone Angel Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
Trans Canada Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter)
Torque Brewing - Winnipeg (Facebook) (Twitter) (Store)

New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick
Grimross Brewing Co - Fredericton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Hammond River Brewing - Quispamsis (Facebook) (Twitter)
Loyalist City Brewing - Saint John (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Moosehead Breweries - Saint John (Facebook) (Twitter)
Off Grid Ales - Harvey (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault - Edmundston (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Picaroon's Traditional Ales (Northampton Brewing Co) - Fredericton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Pumphouse Brewery - Moncton
Red Rover Craft Cider - Fredericton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Trailway Brewing - Fredericton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)

Newfoundland & Labrador
Port Rexton Brewing - Port Rexton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Quidi Vidi Brewing - St John's (Facebook) (Twitter)
Storm Brewing - Mount Pearl
Western Newfoundland Brewing Co. - Pasadena (Facebook) (Twitter)

Nova Scotia
2 Crows Brewing Co. - Halifax (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Alexander Keith's (Oland) - Halifax (Facebook) (Twitter)
Bad Apple Brewhouse - Berwick (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Big Spruce Brewing - Beddeck (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Boxing Rock Brewing - Shelburne (Facebook) (Twitter)
Garrison Brewing - Halifax (Facebook) (Twitter)
Good Robot Brewing - Halifax (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
North Brewing - Halifax (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Propeller Brewing - Halifax (Facebook) (Twitter)
Tatamagouche Brewing - Tatamagouche (Facebook) (Twitter)
Uncle Leo's Brewing - Lyon's Brook (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Unfiltered Brewing - Halifax (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)

Abe Erb Brewing - Waterloo (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Amsterdam Beer - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Barncat Artisan Ales - Cambridge (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Beau's All Natural Brewing - Vankleek Hill (Facebook) (Twitter)
Bellwoods Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Beyond the Pale Brewery - Ottawa (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Blood Brothers Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brick Brewery - Waterloo (Facebook) (Twitter)
Cameron's Brewing Co - Oakville (Facebook) (Twitter)
Church-Key Brewing - Campbellford (Facebook) (Twitter)
Collective Arts Brewing - Hamilton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Creemore Springs Brewery - (Facebook) (Twitter)
Dominion City Brewing - Ottawa (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Double Trouble Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie Étienne Brûlé - Embrun (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Barrie (Facebook) (Twitter)
Frank Brewing - Tecumseh (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Granite Brewery - Toronto (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Great Lakes Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Halcyon Barrel House - Vankleek Hill (Instagram)
Half Hours on Earth - Seaforth (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Henderson Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
High Road Brewing - Niagara-on-the-Lake (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Hog's Back Brewing - Ottawa (Facebook) (Twitter)
Junction Craft Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Kichesippi Beer Co - Ottawa (Facebook) (Twitter)
Lake of Bays Brewing - Baysville (Facebook) (Twitter)
Lake of the Woods Brewing Co - Kenora (Facebook) (Twitter)
Little Beasts Brewing - Whitby (Facebook) (Twitter)
Maclean's Ales Inc. - Hanover (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Manitoulin Brewing - Little Current (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Market Brewing Company - Newmarket (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Mill Street Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Muskoka Brewery - Bracebridge (Facebook) (Twitter)
New Limburg Brewing - Simcoe (Facebook) (Twitter)
Nickel Brook Brewing - Burlington (Facebook) (Twitter)
Old Tomorrow Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Publican House Brewery - Peterborough (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Railway City Brewing - St. Thomas (Facebook) (Twitter)
Rainhard Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Rouge River Brewing - Markham (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Sawdust City Brewing - Gravenhurst (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Side Launch Brewing - Collingwood (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Silversmith Brewing - Virgil (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Sleeman Brewing & Malting - Guelph (Facebook) (Twitter)
Sleeping Giant Brewing - Thunder Bay (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Small Pony Barrel Works - Kanata (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Stalwart Brewing - Carleton Place (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Steamwhistle Brewing - Toronto (Facebook) (Twitter)
Stone City Ales - Kingston (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
StoneHammer Brewing - Guelph (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Tooth and Nail Brewing - Ottawa (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Town Brewing - Whitby (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Wellington Brewery - Guelph (Facebook) (Twitter)

Prince Edward Island
Barnone Brewery & Hop Farm - Rose Valley (Facebook) (Twitter)
Copper Bottom Brewing - Montague (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Gahan House - Charlottetown (Twitter)
Moth Lane Brewing - Ellerslie (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
PEI Brewing Co. - Charlottetown (Facebook) (Twitter)
Upstreet Craft Brewing - Charlottetown (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)

À l'abri de la tempête - L'Étang-du-Nord (Île du Cap-au-Meules aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine) (Facebook)
Microbrasesrie À la Fût - Saint-Tite (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Archibald Microbrasserie - Québec (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie Artisanale Albion - Joliette (Facebook)
Brasserie Auval - Val d'Espoir (Facebook)
Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs - Montréal (Facebook)
La Barberie - Québec (Facebook) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie du Bas-Canada - Gatineau (Facebook) (Instagram)
Microbrasserie des Beaux-Prés - Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré (Facebook)
Belgh Brasse - Amos (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Les bières de la Nouvelle-France - Saint-Alexis-des-Monts (Facebook)
Brasseurs du Monde - Saint-Hyacinthe (Facebook) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie Le Castor - Rigaud (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie Charlevoix - Baie-Saint-Paul (Facebook) (Twitter)
La Chouape - Saint-Félicien (Facebook)
Le Corsaire Microbrasserie - Lévis (Facebook)
Dieu du ciel - Montréal  (Facebook) (Twitter)
L'éspace Public - Montréal (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie Dunham - Dunham (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie Farnham - Farnham (Facebook)
Frampton Brasse - Frampton (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie Gainsbourg - Hull (Facebook)
Brasserie Générale - Québec (Facebook)
Glutenberg / Brasseurs Sans Gluten - Montréal (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie Hopfenstark Brewery - L'Assomption (Facebook)
Microbrasserie de l'Île d'Orléans - Saint-Famille
Brasseurs Illimités / Simple Malt - Saint-Eustache (Facebook) (Instagram)
Bières Jukebox - Montréal (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie artisanale La Korrigane - Québec (Facebook) (Instagram)
Brasserie Kruhnen - Blainville (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie Maltstrom - Lanaudière (Facebook)
Brasserie McAuslan (St Ambroise) - Montréal (Facebook) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie La Memphré - Magog (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
MonsRegius bières artisanales - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Noire et Blanche - Saint-Eustache (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie et Distillerie Oshlag - Montréal (Facebook) (Instagram)
Brasserie Les 2 Frères - Terrebonne (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie St-Pancrace - Baie-Comeau (Facebook)
Les Trois Mousquetaires - Brossard (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brasserie Pit Caribou - Percé (Facebook) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie Le Prospecteur - Val-d'Or (Facebook) (Twitter)
Ras L'Bock - Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie Riverbend - Alma (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Bièrerie Shelton - Montréal (Facebook)
Ferme Brasserie Schoune - Saint-Polycarpe (Facebook) (Twitter)
Le Temps d'une Pinte (Microbrasserie des Trois Rivières) - Trois Rivières (Facebook) (Twitter)
Le Trèfle Noir Microbrasserie - Rouyn-Noranda (Facebook) (Instagram)
Le Trou du Diable - Shawinigan (Facebook) (Twitter)
La voie maltée (Micro-brasserie du Saguenay) - Chicoutimi & Jonquière (Facebook) (Twitter)
Unibroue - Chambly (Facebook) (Twitter)
Microbrasserie Vox Populi - Montréal (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Brasserie Vrooden - Granby (Facebook)

9 Mile Legacy - Saskatoon (Facebook) (Twitter)
21st Street Brewery - Saskatoon (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Back Forty Brewery - Yorkton (Facebook) (Twitter)
Black Bridge Brewery - Swift Current (Facebook) (Twitter)
Brewsters Brewing Co (Saskatchewan) -
Bushwakkers Brewing - Regina (Facebook) (Twitter)
Churchill Brewing - Saskatoon (Facebook)
District Brewing - Regina (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Great Western Brewing - Saskatoon (Facebook)
Malty National Brewing - Regina (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Nokomis Craft Ales - Nokomis (Facebook)
Paddock Wood Brewing - Saskatoon (Facebook) (Twitter)
Pile O' Bones Brewery - Regina (Instagram) (Twitter)
Prairie Sun Brewery - Saskatoon
Prince Albert Brewing - Prince Albert
Rebellion Brewing - Regina (Facebook) (Twitter)

Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunvavut
NWT Brewing Co. - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Facebook) (Twitter)
Winterlong Brewing - Whitehorse, Yukon (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter)
Yukon Brewing - Whitehorse, Yukon (Twitter)

Updated May 7, 2018


  1. Thank you so much for this valuable information. Very useful indeed.
    southern california breweries

  2. Just wanting to do my part and help out, here are a few to add to your list.

    AB: Alley Kat in Edmonton, Ambers in Edmonton, Village Brewery is supposed to be opening its doors soon in Calgary.

    BC: Phillips in Victoria, Crannog Ales in Sorrento, Lighthouse in Victoria, Russell in Surrey, R&B in Vancouver, Mt. Bigbie in Revelstoke, Tin Whistle in Penticton, also there is Fernie and Whistler in their respective cities.

    I am also guessing that you're not adding Brewpubs to this list or then it'd get very long.

  3. Also, I forgot Drummond in Red Deer AB

  4. A lot has changed in the last 5 years out in BC (especially in the lower mainland), here is a more comprehensive list of the breweries in BC, a lot of them are pretty new (just over 100 of them now)

  5. @Newton - I'll be eventually adding them. I just have 0 time to do so! I wish Manitoba had TEN breweries/brewpubs by now...